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The recent spate of train sex stories reminded me of our experience. A few years ago we lived in the highlands of Scotland and regularly take the night train to London. There were a couple dedicated swing, but we had separately and then together the experiences that have improved our naughtyamerica marriage and sex life. In general, these trains have been a bore, but this time we had a great experience. This particular night in front of the train that were in the naughtyamerica canteen of the season with a drink. I had the luggage compartment lid and left after my return I found my wife, a tall and talked. We naughtyamerica all have our ideas and then headed to the platform to board the train. Through the reservation system, we find that were found in the same sleeping cars as our new friend (Mike) and agreed that we meet him in the bar afterwards. In our cabin, so Tricia, just talk hair and she blushed and said it was good. Then he said that if the tables had turned, whereuld ignored the opportunity to chat an attractive woman. I teased her again and said that was right in front of some businesses in the long night, and it was his goal. She smiled. As we are a couple of bears / wines had and it was our inhibitions loosend, I suggested that you found attractive treatment naughtyamerica could perhaps she just smiled and said, let's see. When the train on the way we went to the buffet car on the way we came to talk with our technical assistant, while Tricia continued. Basically, I asked the relationship, if the adjacent compartment was reserved for us. He consulted his record and said no, it was empty. The exchange of ten pounds, which is in agreement, that would open the door next to our compartment, which gives us the luxury of a double bottom, naughtyamerica without climbing a top bunk. Enter Tricia saw smoke dining car on a high stool smoothly again been enthroned by Mike chatted. The drinks flowed and after leaving Aviemore Station, Mike went to the bathroom. I told Tricia, she really believes, I know, he said, before coming and while you're at the bar, he tried all kinds of ways for me on my own. Then I spoke about our new dual compartment and suggested that I might retire early, sleep in the other chamber and let them see how the land, of course, I said, if you're lucky, I consider myself to be able to see when the door was locked locked, you dirty type, she said, she protested: 'But you know what you want ', ' Yes, ' I naughtyamerica said, 'but naughtyamerica will only give me sweet sweet when from there. ' Mike then appeared again , and sat down to drink, after a few rounds of drinks, I told him I would see the relationship and see if I can 'could take a taxi' to the driver in the following season, when I was on the trains. I told Tricia ' I call on that later, Mike said goodnight and left. I went to our department, left a message telling Tricia bed that was in naughtyamerica the front of the train and then to the adjoini is establishedng comp. 30 minutes later I heard the two of them come coach Mike complained about his fate as he had to share the compartment, and was firmly in the top bunk. But before the door, asked for a goodnight kiss and said, do you think John came to the top of the naughtyamerica train. Tricia opened the door and read the note, he said, spoke of his way to the cabin. Quick to use in your favor tricia Mike moved and closed the door behind him. naughtyamerica I peered through the open door, I could see the back of tricia as Mike kissed and hugged her. Then his hands to walk on the bottom began, she sighed and said, 'You're a bad boy ' His hand stuck in her panties and Tricia soon drowned the noise of the train. Within seconds he was starkers and leaned on the bed as he fought his clothes. When drops his pants, Tricia said: ' Oh God, what is really ' drop and then spoiled. She was so loud groan while his moumeetings, and then when he asked her in bed I could see why I was excited. It was average, but it was so thick, Tricia had to use two hands to hold. Tricia is only in the bed with legs spread, Mike relaxes right down to it, touched his lips and then with a huge push was inside her. Tricia seemed to have a huge breath naughtyamerica and then just wailed. ' Oh yeah, oh yeah, as he pumped into it, I had never been so excited, he opened his body to get all that, were her legs around his back injury and nails dug into him. She moves body is desperate when found, the animal noises they made love, had seemd. Finally, it is the most intense orgasm I've seen and have not had a spill his semen as Mike in it that keep saying yes yes yes writhing . was'nt like I was falling through the door, never know, but I had gotten such a tremendous ejaculation as Tricia. Tricia naughtyamerica After it was all about kissing, sucking etc. Finally, he was going to leave, butdid not give your phone, (he worked at the local hospital ). When he left, got in, Tricia like a cat that had all the cream, you bastard, 'he said, shame, I think, in their wildest. Turn away, I slipped into it, and within seconds he had to return. A The next morning we met with Mike, as we leave the train, 'you have to enjoy your trip last night,' he said, 'Yes ' I said, ' I saw some amazing views '.. We met several years to come Mike and a series of excellent meetings with him, once brought a lady and again brought to a local fisherman. Tricia was so high, it was still three weeks later on the roof. More on this later.
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